Drama / Theatre

In the Drama department, students are exposed to a variety of artistic experiences. Rooted in the AZ State and National content standards, all members are provided opportunities to:

  • Connect : situate their acting experiences within their own lives, both in and out of our campus community
  • Create : generate original or re-imagined plays, using both scripted and improvisation platforms
  • Perform : in the artistic process, presenting our acting occurs in a variety of platforms (in class, concerts, social media, and more)
  • Respond : Part of the artistic process is developing the skills to articulate specific reactions to plays and providing critical feedback that encourages growth

Drama members (both middle school exploratory and high school leveled classes) are provided experiences that help develop their specific skill sets and a broader understanding of how plays are made. All students are provided timely feedback on their growth and multiple opportunities to demonstrate that refinement as they go through the program.

We place a heavy focus on the community identity of our drama program and how each member contributes to it, but also our role in the larger Performing Arts Department and Eastmark campus.

Questions about our program can be sent to njohnston@qcusd.org